Buddha bowl meditation

The past couple of months I have been really consistent with the practice of meditation.

I don’t do it on a daily basis, it depends on my necessity and the energy around me but I have learned to have fun with it.

I have downloaded an app with nice noises and a voice to guide me, I have short and long videos on my Youtube list to listen to when I am ready.

Honestly, I can’t say that I am getting better at it because some days I try, and I just end up stopping after a couple of minutes or a couple of breaths. I cry, I over -tress or I don’t focus so I end up as more stress than before I started.

So, as I learned, the key is to let go. Some days it’s not the moment or me. Sometimes it is so good I feel asleep.

A couple of weeks ago I tried a special meditation in a center dedicated to it, I really liked it so I just wanted to share my feedback.

It was an hour session of meditation with buddha singing bowls. I have heard a bit of it before (big trend apparently) about the benefits.

I laid on a sofa with a dozen of other people, with a blanket and the voice of the teacher guiding us. We started just with deep breaths exercises and then slowly, the instructor added sounds from the meditation singing bowls.

There is no specific words to describe it perfectly but what I can say is that it felt amazing. Because when the sound starts you are already relaxed, the sounds are vibrating around you and then in you, like waives and you can really feel the energy vibrations inside you.

I mean it’s how it felt for me. I was feeling ways of vibrations inside me, at different intensities and speed, it’s been fluctuating during the session.

I have read Tibetan singing bowls are good to help us heal, they are tools giving us good vibrations of energy. They are not magic tools, it didn’t stop my thoughts during the session but definitely helped me relax a lot.

The hour went by super-fast, I completely lost track of time and when I opened my eyes I felt relaxed, calm and quiet like not very often in my life.

 I did this session a Sunday night, let me tell you it’s the best way to finish the weekend and start the week.

Since then, I downloaded several Youtube music videos of these sounds and I love to put them on my phone before going to sleep. I urge you to give it a go and share your experience !

Eat your veggies

Today my mom would be proud of me because I am going to repeat something she told me a lot: eat more vegetables.

When I was a kid, I used to want to eat only 2 things: pasta and ham. It was a nightmare for my parents, three kids extremely selective with foods, bye bye social life.

It took us a really long time to change the way we eat. Most importantly, it was long and it took a conscious effort to see and feel the benefits of it in our bodies.

And I just realized recently how the way we eat evolve with time, education, money, culture and also trends! Since I live on my own, I cook almost everything I eat to save money but also make sure I don’t have too much chemical ingredients on my food.

A couple of years ago my food cart was just about buying things I wanted to eat for pleasure. Now I want to eat good food for the taste but I want it to be good for my body. I want energy, keep my organism and my gut clean, skin and care as good as possible.

So, when I go grocery shopping, I have two priorities: get good protein and different fruits and vegetables. Both are really important but today I will just make a quick reminder of the benefits of having different vegetables in your kitchen.

  1. It’s a great way to diversify your food intake. That’s a hell of a reason to have them, you have all the colors, size and different ways to cook them so you can avoid more easily to be bored.
  2. They are full of vitamins really important for your internal functions.
  3. It’s helping us maintain a healthy acid level in our organism.
  4. Scientists proved they help reducing the risk of cancers.
  5. They help your digestion on a daily basis because they are full of fibers.
  6. They contain a lot of anti-oxidant good for the skin (aging of the skin is slower)
  7. They are an additional source of hydration for the body, some of them like the cucumber are particularly good for that. 
  8. They help maintain bone density and so, reduce osteoporosis.
  9. Because they reduce the catabolism of the body (degradation of the muscular mass) they help recover after a workout.
  10. Aaaaaaand for the one of us worrying about their shape, they contain a very few calories so you can have a lot!

Now I know, all of these seems very good healthy, reasons to have vegetables. The most important step missing is to find a way to cook them in different ways, with different seasonings and different sides.

Have fun in the kitchen with it and keep it simple ! 

The power of love

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already that I am working in personal development.

Times flies by, I can’t believe sometimes so far, I have come from. I have learned many lessons, most of them the hard way (cause that’s always the best way you learn).

Aaaaand it’s also a good lesson to realize that I still have a lot to learn. The work with yourself never ends. When you think you had solved an issue, another one pop.

Today I just want to talk about the hard lesson I have been learning since I am in Miami.

The opposition between love and fear.

These two elements are in our lives every day, on us and others. We can’t live without them, but we can choose which one we want to stick with.

Fear is something that can be good for us, it can protect us from making choices that will hurt us. But we need to use just a tiny necessary piece of it otherwise it drives us.

We get scared to do small things, we convince ourselves we can’t do this or that, we don’t do, nothings happen, the fear grows and grows, and it infect everything like a poison.

You are scared to leave a job, a relationship, speak up for yourself, do things alone, make that tattoo, make this trip, take this risk…

It reminds me about the story of the white and black wolves we have inside of us. You choose to feed one of them and then face the consequence.

Fear it’s the same: the more you feed it the more it expands, and you can feel paralyzed to do anything. Not a nice way to live.

From what I have learned from my experiences and my coaching session with Daniele (http://www.enrichissezvotrevie.com/) is that there is no space in our hearts for both. Love can’t exist if there is fear and vice & versa.

You want love in your life? You have to think love on every of your actions so it will spread like a magical energy. It’s the only thing that should guide any of our act and thought.

We all want to have a life in which we will feel happy, safe, useful, passionate and be remembered.

I don’t remember who said that but it’s true: people can forget your name, how they met you, what you did or said but they will never forgive how you made them feel.

The effect that you have on others is the thing that has most value in this world.

All what you will leave behind you when you die is what was in your heart.

I know I want to love and be loved, I want to energize people, motivate them to take risks, show them what’s possible, inspire and lead. The effects of love around us are tangible and concrete, you can see love every day in very small details, but it is there.

You have the right to be who you want, live your life the way you want and ask the universe (or your god) what you want. But to do so, live in peace and love you need to quit fear along the way.

Let’s more love guide ourselves, our world can be pretty amazing and better if we all put some effort into it. Let’s shine and love.


How to get things done …

Recently I have a friend that asked me how I managed to do everything that I do.

This is funny because I may give the impression that I get it done but it’s not that easy.

The only reason that helps me get through everything is that I know what I want in my life, I have a vision for my future. I am working towards it and on the bad days I think about it to cheer me up. That’s for the mental part.

For all other “terrestrial” aspects I must say, I just get organized by writing to do lists everywhere, taking notes ….and missing on my sleep (not good).

Yep, sometimes I just wish our days could have more than 24h. Or 24h to work on our stuff and then night time to sleep.

It must also clarify anyway that yes, I get a lot of things done but I also can do nothing for days!

Sometimes I am just too tired, so I am literally a potato couch. I am procrastinating a lot and my mind is wondering so much all over the place that I can’t concentrate on one single thing and get it done at all.

It seemed important to me to share the truth: I am good at a lot of things, but I am not a wonder woman getting done everything perfectly. Yes, I accomplish tasks, but it comes at some costs. But I go along with it because I know some sacrifices need to be made to get what I want.

The trick is in my capacity of being rigorous and organized. Perseverance, audacity and self-adaptation are the qualities that helped me get where I am today.

As I said, my mind is very active, I am always thinking and stressing about something for my future, I am constantly writing to do lists on paper and on my phone.

I have short- and long-term goals I want to reach so I have to divide my tasks and choose what has priority.

My tools are very basic, maybe some of them will help you:

  • Every Sunday I write down a list of the things that have to get done.
  • I make this list fit with my planning day by day (work, sport, social life). The key is to do the distribution properly: not try to do everything on the first days of the week or just on the weekend.
  • On top of the list is always put the task that is the priority of the week.
  • I prepare all my lunches on the weekends. This way I don’t have to worry every night about what to eat tomorrow and I don’t spend extra money eating crap outside.
  • My clothes are ready the night before the next day. It can seem juvenile but again, a save of time. In the morning I don’t lose time trying on different outfits. My gym clothes are also always ready in my gym bag so when I come home from work, I have less chances to skip my training: I just have to pick it up and go.
  • All the things that I do for my mental health I also prepare them as much as I can. Easy access and everything prepared: my workouts in the gym or at home, I have playlists of music for yoga in the morning and playlists for meditation at night and in the morning.

I try to not skip the essential elements that makes me a good human being: enough sleep and food, workout, meditation and walks on the beach. That works for me. You do you.

Some weeks are super productive and some others not, it is what it is. Life is fluid and blablabla you know the expression, take it day by day.

I am still working on a very important fact that everybody faces:  not to get overstressed by all the things that aren’t done yet.

This if the favorite thing my crazy mind and ego like to do: stress about the future.

My mind makes up scenarios for every aspect of my life about what can happen and how, what should I do in this situation or in this one…

First of all, it is completely useless, no matter if you stress or not, what has to happen will happen.

And second, it is a tremendous way to waste your time and your energy… that you should use instead to do things that actually lower your stress.

We all have ways to cope with stress and the overwhelming fear of failure and the future.

Some of us drink too much, take drugs, over train, eat junk… No judgment here, I have been through very dangerous and unhealthy behavior myself.

But one of my ways to reduce my stress and get things done is to be a freak with my organization.


Try to use of my tricks to organize your week and let me know if you felt better by saving time, money or energy in some way.


Breakfast or not breakfast …

I think that our generation has heard so many different myths about food that we don’t really know how to eat anymore.

We have been told to never skip breakfast, have it big, eat less at lunch and then super light at dinner, not eat between meals and then yes you can have snacks, have various milk product every day and now no milk is evil, have bread have pasta have rice and now no have gluten free products only !

The food lobbies are doing an incredible job with their marketing. We go to demonize food and then have them too much. We eat all the time and then we fast. We go from industrial prepared meals to full organic products or vegan diet without seeing a doctor and having a check up to see what’s actually going on in our bodies.

People I am telling you, we are nuts.

I am not a dietician, nor a doctor so today I will speak only from my experience.

When I was a kid I could have easily a breakfast with no issue. Then when I was 10 years old, I started to get sick every morning, I would puke before leaving home or just arriving at school. I didn’t know what the problem could be and was so ashamed I didn’t tell my parents. There, I stopped having breakfast for more 12 years.

Turns out I found out recently it’s the milk in my hot chocolate that I wasn’t digesting well. I today have a glass of chocolate almond milk because I love it !

I started to have breakfast again when I was 23… recovering from anorexia so it was not possible to skip a meal, I had to gain weight again.

There, I have tried different options: cereals, granola, Greek yogurt, bread with jam, tea, orange juice, turkey, fruits, eggs, protein pancakes, smoothies…

It took me a while to adjust the quantity, the food my body liked in the morning and what was enough to help me hold on until lunch (but I still need a snack during the day).

Today I am at a point of balance that works well for me: I have two whole eggs (I know not only whites), home-made bowl of chocolate granola and a green tea.

I have another green tea and an apple during the morning before my lunch, so I am not tempted by crap.

For years I repeated I was okay with the fact of not having breakfast. Truth I wasn’t: I was feeling exhausted all morning, it was extremely hard to concentrate at school and then at work, I was eating sugary snacks all morning and eating way too much at lunch to compensate.

So, in my opinion, in terms of energy yes, you need to have breakfast. If you don’t have appetite when you wake up well then have your food with you in your bag to have it in the bus or when you get to work.

Finally, in terms of fat loss I don’t fucking know. Some people say you have to eat it in the morning to lose weight, some others not. This is a debate that only trial can settle. I would suggest you give it a try for 3 weeks and see what happens: 3 weeks without it and 3 weeks with it. Check out your weight in the balance, the way you feel in your clothes, your look in the mirror, your digestion, your appetite and your mood!

Most of us are not nice persons when we are hungry. Before getting upset with your man/kid/coworker you might want to ask yourself if you should have a piece of food.

Quick reminder: skipping the breakfast doesn’t give you a pass to eat crap later during the day. If you do so, we need to start from the beginning and talk about caloric deficit, energy level and basic metabolism.

If you do need us to talk about these subjects let me know.

I am a beginner… where do I start?

I train a lot because I love it, it relaxes me, and I want my body to be functioning properly until I die. Yes, we don’t think about it enough but this body you have is going to be yours to the grave so you might want to keep it healthy.

For a lot of reasons, many people don’t work out, they don’t even move enough during the day (thank you, sedentary lifestyle). I can only imagine how hard it is to look at the magazines and social media with crazy physiques people and athletes and think only “pfff why bother”.

Well first of all, you need to think about your health. I am sure you want to be able to move properly and not have pain everywhere in a couple of years. Working out is not about having abs but more importantly a strong muscle and bones structure, strength and mobility.

Take this as an investment in yourself. You do it for you and your well-being. You deserve it and you are worth it. At the beginning you will need a few minutes to start working out and two weeks to get used to it.

So, what’s in it for you:

  • Decrease of the risks of getting chronic diseases
  • Improvement of your mood and mental health
  • Increase of your daily energy, sleep quality and LIBIDO
  • Slowing of the aging process, boost of your cerebral activity and improvement of your microbiome

The frequency:

  • Strength training: at least twice a week, weightlifting for the biggest muscular groups
  • Cardio: 75 minutes of intense cardio activity (you do them the way you want) combined with 150 minutes of moderate cardio activity

My personal recommendation with the cardio: doesn’t start too hard too long on your first trials or you will just get sick.

Start for example with 20 minutes of HIIT running or on a bike or 15 minutes of a jumping rope.

  • Flexibility and mobility: we don’t mention these enough, but this is extremely important for your daily comfort. These are exercises just with your body that you can do in the morning and at night in front of TV.

I use a lot of yoga, stretching moves and animal flows (thanks Youtube).

I am sure your first question will be “what’s the better way to lose weight?”. When you are a beginner any kind of exercise is good so pick what’s the easiest for you and stick to it. There is always room to make things longer and more complicated after.

What you really need to do to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit (eat less than you consume). Health is in the kitchen first so you might want to start with a journal of all what you eat in a day to realize what is your real food intake and then make the adjustments.

Another personal advice (yes, I have a lot): give yourself a goal that you can actually reach! Most of the time we fail to maintain our routine and stick to it because we want to do too much too fast. If you never exercised and want to train for a hall marathon you are going to be so disgusted that you will probably never run again.

So, find something that you really want and can do (walk 15 minutes per day or just have more energy to play with your kids at the end of the day).

Once you start, just focus on what your trainings are for the week and keep track of what you do! Use an app or just wright down what you did this week so you can actually see your progress.

The next week you try to push a little harder and make it better.

The success is to be able to find a routine that you will actually keep doing and not give up after a couple of weeks because it’s too demanding.

Very important point you have to keep in my mind (I say that and it’s ironic because I am bad at it): be patient. You are going to fail, feel bad, want to quiet, some exercises are going to feel harder than you expected, you are going to skip trainings or have bad ones. It’s inevitable and you have to accept it.

The key is to have a plan B for each situation so you are prepared and can move on:

  1. If you are already tired when you wake up then don’t work out, have good healthy food during your day and just go for a walk in the nature at the end of the day.
  2. You feel too stressed or unmotivated? Just rest and have a good night sleep.
  3. You didn’t train for a couple of days/weeks? Find out the why and what strategies you can put in place.

Before starting your new training routine, you better want to see your doctor if it’s been a while, just to check if everything is alright.

Again, don’t beat up yourself or you won’t last and don’t give up either when you are sored (it means you are doing well).

If you can I recommend that you hire a trainer but if you can’t, PLEASE try to educate yourself with free videos on Youtube about the proper execution of the movements you need to do. It’s unpleasant to get hurt just after getting started.

Let’s get started and share your first experience !

Mornings rituals

I have never been able to get out of bed quickly, I am not an early bird. During a long time, my morning was just a race from my bed to the bus, I didn’t had breakfast for almost 6 years. To me there was no point about getting up earlier to do things before work. I was always looking to get a few extra minutes on my bed.

But I have learned recently that having a morning ritual can really have a positive impact on your day. And who doesn’t want to have a good day? And then a good week? Fuck I want to feel good every day for as long as I can.

Soooooo, I have watched a few articles and videos of successful entrepreneurs, gurus and yogis… and I tried to implement some elements on my daily morning. But not everything, I am not perfect. It’s hard for me to not get up at the last minute, I am not going to get up at 5am just to start with a to-do list.

Here are the few things I get to do before my breakfast and leaving home:

  1. I don’t turn on my phone, I use a soft music on the background, but I don’t quit the plane mod. It allows me to keep my head quiet without stressing out already with the 23 notifications popping on my screen.
  2. I do a 10 minutes yoga flow stretching session. This is really good for me because it’s an extra stretch from the stretches I already do after working out and it awake my body softly.
  3. I do a 5 minutes meditation. This is a bit hard on some morning and some others super easy. I have a list of short morning videos ready on Youtube or I use the app Headspace. This helps me with the storm in my head (I didn’t do that, I need to do that, what is going to be my future in 6 months…)
  4. I set the intention for the day. This one is tricky, I need inspiration because I tend to repeat myself or I don’t know what to do at all. But it’s important because you can come back to it during the day. Example: Today I will stay calm. That’s an intention I have to repeat myself a couple of times during the day when my boss is stressing me out.
  5. I cook a basic but good breakfast: green tea, omelette with cheese and homemade granola.

A little trick that has been a life time saver: I prepare all my stuff the night before (my clothes, my lunch, my handbag) so in the morning I just have to follow these steps before and that’s it.


– I awake slowly my body

– I protect my mind a few more minutes from the daily stress

– I put myself in a good mood and mindset

– I feel ready to accomplish my goals

I don’t want you to take this as “another-thing-to-do” today. These little rituals are moments that now I really enjoy because I do them for ME, because it makes ME FEEL GOOD.

Don’t feel guilty if this morning you couldn’t do your usual routine because you overslept, or you had to leave home earlier.

The morning ritual isn’t an additional pression. It’s here to make you feel good.

All day long we have to do things for others, so it’s nice to take a few minutes for yourself during the day several times a day.

Please don’t wait for the weekend to live and do something for yourself.

The morning routine it’s also a moment for you to question your life, your dreams and your projects.

Try what you like the most and incorporate it in your day. ENJOY

The Why

I am huge believer of the benefits of coaching.

Coaches are life markers, life savers, they help us buy guiding us through the hard times in our lifes.

I have a personal trainer, a personal development coach, I had a coach to find a job in the US. Hell, if I had more money, I would have a business coach, a nutritionist, etc… I make these investments on myself because if I don’t nobody will do it for me. And if I don’t believe in me well who will?

There is no shame in needing help. We don’t hold the truth, we are not wise enough to handle everything by ourselves.

From my various experiences it’s a very interesting and learning experience to have a coach.

Think about it, that person helping you is so passionate about a topic, that they turned it into a job. It’s always good to have an outside perspective on your situation and somebody to be accountable to.

Recently I have been reading different articles and worked on with my personal development coach (her website is here) about the WHY.

It’s an interesting time of the year to speak about it. We are all making new resolutions and goals for the year.

And I think one of the many reasons we don’t follow through is because our Why is not stronger or precise enough.

It’s extremely important because it applies to all the areas of our life.

Why do you want this job?

Why do you want to build this project on your free time?

Why do you want a house?

Why do you run?

Why do you want this relationship?

Why do you want to move abroad?

Why do you want to have a family?

Why does this matter to you?

These are the few questions I had on my mind the past couples of years and got me where I am today. It took me months or years to work on them. Some of them have been changing a lot. Some are still a work in progress. But because my Why was and is strong, true to myself and my values, I have been able to pursue and achieve my goals.

If your Why is not strong enough and doesn’t match your values and your core, you won’t be able to lose your extra pounds, start your company, make that trip, take the risk of having this relationship. You won’t be able to make the things that really make you happy and give your life a meaning. You will just keep moving forward very sad and frustrated.

Errors, trials and failures are part of the process. It will happen over and over again until you adapt yourself. But you won’t stand your obstacles and get to where you want, if you don’t have your why and your finale vision.

When you add up all your whys, you have a good vision of what a life of meaning is for you so it’s easier (not easy, easier) to work towards it.

Yes, it’s hard to define your why (that’s where the coach is good for you) and it’s something that can change over the time. Don’t forget to work on it, dream of it and make it grow with you.

The why is what helps you get up in the morning, stay awake late at night, makes you stay home to work for yourself, choose that food, change this relationship, start meditating…

The why is what allows you to keep going when you have a hard time, the dream, the biggest picture. The why is that feeling that you have in your gut that makes you get up when you are down.

With that being said, what is your why?


I get regularly questions about supplements.

Which ones I use, which one is the best fat burner, BCAA or protein, when should I take them or not…

The truth is I have never been a huge fan for two reasons.

  1. I think it strike strongly on our lazy side and we very often tend to give them more magic powers than they have. We think this one or that one is going to increase incredibly our performance abilities or help us quickly burn that extra love-handles fat.

Well sorry to break that to you but THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL.

Actually, there is one, it’s called surgery, but that’s another topic I won’t start here (unless you want me to).

A supplement holds its power on his own word, is own definition. It’s just a supplement. It can help you, yes, there might even be a bit of a placebo effect, but you need to first focus on having a proper training, food as natural as possible and a good quality recovery process (rest days and a good quality sleep).

If you are trying to have a higher energy level, feel stronger and more flexible, you need to take into account different elements. You can’t be missing sleep, eating crap and then go crazy for a week making a cleanse thinking it’s going to erase all the crap you put into your body.

Your natural chemistry needs time and patience to change and adapt itself to a new routine.

  1. These products are over-promoted by the fitness industry. My mom is a doctor (I hear you here, how the hell is it relevant to the subject?) Well as a doctor, she has been receiving for years a lot of samples, goodies and products of all kind for new parents (she is a pediatric doctor). Not for the best interests of babies and their parents. No, just for money because it creates a lot. So, the laboratories push the most interesting products FOR THEM.

The same things happen with the workout supplements.

I think the worst categories are the fat burner. My god, between the sweat waists and all kind of fat burners drinks, I think there is enough money to finance the life of dozen or maybe hundreds of families in a poor country.

Just think about it and take some perspective because otherwise you are going to spend your time taking supplements. One for the fat burn, one as a pre-workout, one after the workout, one to recover, one for the muscles, one for the joints, one for the skin, one for the hair…. Blablabla the list never ends.

Yes, some of them are good, particularly the ones that help you take care of your joints and ligaments. But guess what, you don’t need a crazy number of supplements or no supplements at all if you have a balanced food intake.

All the nutrients can be found in a healthy balanced and diversified plate!

It’s been 4 years that I train 4 to 6 times a week now. I never had to take a pre-workout to push me before a session, that’s just bullshit to me. Even when I am extra tired, I don’t take one. I just make my session shorter by reducing my rests between my sets, go home earlier to have a proper meal before going to bed and that’s it.

I am taking a bit of BCAA to help my recovery but what’s working best for my recovery? Warming up and stretching properly, taking care of my movements during a session, drinking a lot of water, going to see a chiropractor once in a while and get a massage by a pro once a month.

I have a protein powder shake after a workout IF I don’t feel like eating a normal protein food (some days I am just tired of eggs and chicken and turkey and fish). I use it not like a replacement meal but just as a different protein snack.

And you know what’s the best fat burner natural that won’t cost you a fortune? Green tea, without sugar, just a bit of honey. And water. That’s it.

Also, an old trick to help you with the cravings: have an apple and water! The pectin in the apple will help you increase your satiety sensation and water weight in the belly so you will fuller. If you don’t eat crap, you will have less fat to burn.

There is no harm in buying products and trying them. We all adapt this way, trying this and that.

But I wanted to remind you that there is a lot of things that are put to us just to make money, it’s not necessarily efficient. And our modern food is already full of chemicals, it’s never a bad thing to try to avoid as much as we can everything that is processed.

Have a reasonable consumption

The vertue of journaling

Lately I have been really stressed, one the reasons I have not be consistent with this blog.

I have let multi-factors of stress take control of me and it’s time to get back on track on a more calm and peacefull state of mind.

I know myself, my bad and good sides, and I am looking for ways to daily take care of myself. Step by step I try to have little rituals that help me cope with stress: eating healthier, have a good night sleep, exercise, do meditation and write !

I have studied litterature, I love to read and write and as far as I can remember I always had a journal. Even if it feels weird at the beginning, it’s a really good exercise for various reasons.

First of all, it’s beneficial to your writing skills, we spend our days typing, texting, watching videos… there is a real pleasure to take a pen and write on real paper. I don’t know about you but I love the smell of a new notebook, the sound of the pen when I write and the process of writing my toughts.

Also, for people like me, it is a very good exercise to calm down, take distance with my emotions. I have a big tendency because of my own insecurities to make a huge moutain of a small  hill. So when I write, I see the big picture, I am more conscious of what I am living, what does it remind me.

I am getting better at meditating and I am trying to do more exercises of visualization. Writing really helps me with that because I put words on what I have on my mind, make my ideas more real, more clear. It helps me get stronger and calmer.

Journaling doesn’t have to look like Bridget Jones, writing on a depressing mood, wearing a pyjama and a glass of wine in your hand (but you can drink if it helps you relax after a hard day anyway). Journaling helps you to have a clearer mind but also improve your memory, make your memories more clear.

The beauty of it is that you never have to make it pretty, it doesn’t have to make sense, be logical. It’s your journal, your place of freedom, liberty, you can write down your frustration, your anger, your sadness, all the things that upset you. Nobody is going to judge. You can take out everything that needs to be out. It’s a very liberating exercise.

I do it every night before going to bed and maybe it’s a placebo effect but I find myself sleeping better. I writte what came to my mind all day and why, how it makes me feel. And I always finish with a “thank you” exercise, I say thank you for all the good things that happened to me that day.

It’s really cool because even on the shittiest day, when I list all the good things that happened to me, it makes me feel better. Because yes, even on a bad day, I have a friend that wrote me a cute message, my mom sent me a funny picture, I looked at a funny video online or I had an interesting conversation with my coach or a stranger on the bus.

So, I invite you to buy a beautiful notebook and write a few lines a day.